Tuesday, September 17, 2019

How not to spoil your resume

Sometimes a single word in a resume can spoil the whole impression of the applicant, and neither many years of experience nor professional achievements will save the situation. How not to harm yourself, Rabota.ru correspondent Ilona Malyshkina understood.
Do not post multiple resumes at once

Some job seekers think that by posting simultaneously several resumes with different positions and experience in the same industry, they will increase their chances of searching. “Such a move, on the contrary, is misleading, because HR in any case recognizes your profile,” says Anna Mavlonazarova, leading staff recruitment specialist at Odyssey Group of Companies. - At one time we had a very active selection. I can already recognize some job seekers even from photographs that they periodically change in the resume. This spoils their reputation. Forever in the market, in eternal search. What's wrong?"

We also refer active responses to this item - no need to respond to all vacancies in a row. The resume becomes familiar, and the chances of finding a job will be much less, you can look at examples here http://financejobsnearme.com/. It is better to spend time and thoroughly study the vacancies, choose the ones that are suitable for you in terms of functionality, conditions, and your skills. On them and leave feedback.
Do not indicate the position in English if the resume is in Russian

It may seem strange, but many applicants sin by this. And this does not happen because people are fluent in English and want everyone to know about it (although there are some). Most of the English writers are sure that the position indicated in English sounds more serious, impressive and ... more modern: digital marketer, clear manager. “A post in English with a Russian description in a resume addressed to a Russian company looks more than strange,” the expert said.

In the same paragraph we write down the summary in English. It will give you a green light if the company is foreign and in the text of the vacancy a prerequisite is an English-language resume. But if there is no such item and the company is Russian-speaking, it is better to report knowledge of English or another language in the column “Additional Information / Language Proficiency”.
What's in my name ... wrong

Surprisingly, many applicants lose sight of the most important thing - the correct spelling of their own name. As a result, incidents happen that can cost a job candidate.

“I came across a resume where the name was completely missed. The girl had either a double surname, or she entered her husband's maiden name or surname. She got “Vorobyova Smirnova Alexandrovna“. This is inattention, ”says Anna Mavlonazarova.
Do not abuse terminology

This is great if you are a true professional in your field and know a lot of terms. But to reveal all the cards and pour in professionalism from the doorway, and even more so to write a resume with them - is still not worth it.

The employer is looking for a specialist in his field. He is looking for him, because he himself does not know how to do what he needs a narrow professional, and the job of the applicant in an accessible language to convey to his manager a pool of his tasks and the result that the company can achieve with his help.

According to HR, the candidates themselves are destroying themselves by writing “smart phrases” in the resume. It is one thing when you read in the summary “I was engaged in freight and booking” and another when “I organized international sea transportation”.
Do not describe all jobs

Even if you are satisfied with the experience gained, but have only worked in the company for 2 weeks or a month (unless, of course, you are a novice specialist), then it is better not to write about it.

Do not overload the resume and do not mention all places of work. Especially if you have a rich track record. Focus on the last two or three. It’s good if the functionality will coincide with the tasks in the desired position. HR will immediately notice this.

You should not exaggerate the responsibilities either - at the interview or even during the work, the truth will certainly come up, and you will not be able to comment on it. For example, a skill: analyzed sales statistics. Question - what are the criteria? The answer is ...
Do not neglect grammar

When writing a resume, pay special attention to the harmonization and declension of cases.

“Many job seekers indicate tasks from the job description without agreeing on the case: for example,“ analyzes sales data, ”says Dmitry Duvanov, leading specialist on human resources at RTL Russian Transport Lines. “If you are not confident in your literacy, it’s worth writing as simple sentences as possible, so as to avoid grammatical, punctuation and lexical errors.”
We hope our tips will help you in your job search.

What photo to choose for resume

Recruiters are more likely to look through resumes with photographs than without. Not sure which photo to choose? Rabota.ru will tell and show which pictures you can show HR, and which can make it difficult to find a job.
We will analyze a few mistakes of applicants and give examples of photos that can ruin a resume.
What can ruin a photo for resume

Extra accessories. Do not overload the photo. Refuse catchy jewelry, intricate styling, bright makeup. A deep neckline and a miniskirt, shorts, T-shirts are also not very successful companions for the first acquaintance with the employer. Leave these attributes for family vacations, feasts with friends. Pictures in this style can ruin your impression.

People. Group photos are good for demonstrating to friends and family. Such pictures are unlikely to delight HR. He should not guess who exactly in the general photo is the applicant.

Places. Images from vacation spots are also not the best assistant in finding a job. Such a photo in the resume may suggest thoughts of a frivolous attitude to job search. Resume can immediately be in the basket. Is it worth the risk?

Unnaturalness. Do not overload the photo with elements from the photo editor: a halo of butterflies and hearts, experiments with the background can play against you. Imagine a recruiter looking for a secretary with experience. Makes a selection on Rabota.ru according to the necessary parameters and finds a suitable resume. He opens it and unexpectedly sees a photograph of the applicant with painted bows ... A chance to get an invitation, or at least the recruiter’s call will disappear. And it will no longer matter that the applicant has vast experience, excellent recommendations, achievements. The first impression will be spoiled.

What photo to choose

If you want to make a resume with a photo, pay attention to a number of simple rules:

choose a portrait photo or a photo in a business style,
give up bright makeup
choose a neutral background,
Pay attention to the quality of the photo,
do not decorate the photo with extraneous elements,
do not forget about the smile - it attracts attention and disposes.
Clothing should be in the office style (shirt, blouse with sleeves, pullover, etc.) and calm colors. Bright elements are appropriate for creative natures - designers, marketers, photographers ...
Following simple rules, you definitely will not spoil the first impression of yourself.
We have selected for you examples of successful photographs. Take note.

We hope our examples will help you navigate and choose the right photo for your resume. Successful job search!

10 important resume points

Job title
In the resume, it is better to indicate only one position for which you are applying: the recruiter should immediately see which position you are interested in.
Exception: you can write in one resume two or three close professions (secretary, assistant manager).
If you are interested in several areas, then create one resume for each position (there is such an opportunity on Rabota.ru), describe in detail the experience, skills, achievements for each position that interests you. Send resumes to specific employers.


Recruiters always (!) Pay attention to this item. Do not write streamlined phrases: "Participated in the organization of the exhibition." Give figures and facts: “I took an active part in organizing the exhibition: attracted 10 free information partners, 8 speakers, concluded a room lease agreement with a 12 percent discount ...”.
A sales manager may say: “Over the course of a year at Y, I managed to find 7 new wholesale customers. Due to this, the company's revenue increased by 18% "
The seller can write: “During my work in the store X I’ve been awarded three times for conscientious performance of my duties and a high level of customer service.”
Achievements speak of your professionalism.

work experience

Do not make a long resume. Ideally, it should be no more than 2 pages. Describe the last 10 years of experience or 3-4 previous jobs. All that was before, briefly mention (company name, position, results). Describe the experience, starting with the last - the last experience should top the list.

If in recent years you have had unofficial experience and it intersects with the functionality of the position that you are applying for today, then write about it in the resume. Unofficial experience can be confirmed by recommendations.

Wage level

Must comply with market conditions. Evaluate your experience, study similar resumes of candidates, vacancies. Choose the average wage.

To get more feedback, it’s better to be flexible and indicate your desired salary a few percent below average.

Contact and photo

Leave the correct phone numbers and email addresses. The latter should be made up of a combination of your first and last name. Frivolous variations on the theme (dracosha @ ..., yagodka @ ...) are also perceived accordingly.

Links to your pages on social networks can only be mentioned if they can demonstrate your professional skills: for example, when work is related to maintaining social networks, Internet promotion.

Complete the resume with a photograph, select a business-style image. It should be a “solo” portrait photo: only you, without friends, family, pets ... You should not choose a photo in a swimsuit, in the style of “nude” and so on. Such photos will cause misunderstanding of a serious employer.
Before publishing a resume, do not be lazy and check it for spelling errors, typos. A resume with errors spoils the impression of the applicant.


Do not copy them from job descriptions. Write simply and clearly what you did at your previous job.

Example: “As a sales manager, I was engaged in maintaining current customers and finding new ones. He was responsible for processing transactions. ”


Indicate the correct links to work that are associated with a future post.

Example: if you want to get a job in the editorial office of a medical publication, then give links to publications related to the topic of medicine and beauty, and not to your materials on urban improvement, seasonal discounts in clothing stores.

Further education and languages

Mentioning of completed courses and additional training is justified if your knowledge is related to future work.

Indicate in the resume only those foreign languages ​​that you know well. If your asset has only one foreign language and you speak it at a basic level, also mention this in your resume.

Qualities and Skills

Indicate only specific skills and qualities that are most in demand for the chosen profession.

Example. The driver can mention in the resume: accident-free driving experience, car repair skills, excellent knowledge of the Rules of the road and the city. If necessary - experience with the transportation of goods, accompanying documentation, invoices and, of course, stress resistance, non-conflict.


Indicate hobbies that are related to your profession or emphasize business qualities.

Example: a financial analyst can write that he is fond of playing chess.

What should be in the resume of the sales manager

Too long and overloaded resume

Recruiters receive hundreds of profiles per day, and you have 10-15 seconds to draw attention to your candidacy.

It’s good when a resume consists of two, maximum three pages (for a senior manager). Do not describe the first job in the same detail as the last.

In order not to harm your business line reputation, do not write knowingly false or incorrect information in the resume. If the experience in the resume differs from the data of the work book (worked on freelance, for example), mention this at the interview. Be concise. Do not overload the resume with unnecessary data.

Poorly. “My key tasks were to search for new industrial customers who would buy our products on a regular basis, as well as monitor the work of distributors. To achieve these goals, I delved deeply into the production process of the main customers (producers of cans), analyzed the volumes of purchases and their dependence on pricing. ”

Good. A brief description of the functionality is enough:
search for new customers;
control over the work of distributors.

No achievements indicated, only functionality described

Sales - work is about the result, not about the process. For a sales manager, achievements and relevant experience are important.

Confirm your competencies with specific numbers.

Poorly. During his time at the company, "increased sales."

Good. Indicate values ​​commensurate, for example, with KPI: "exceeded the sales plan by 15%."

Include details about completed projects, attracted customers, sales volume, unusual tasks in which they took part.

The scope of the company is not specified

Even if you worked in a well-known company, briefly indicate the industry, field of activity. Without clarification, it will not be obvious to the recruiter that you were selling: equipment, FMCG goods, etc.

Poorly. “At company X, I was selling products of my own production”

Good. Indicate the name of the company and range of interests: “Worked in company“ X ”: production of products for the fields of energy, electrical engineering, industry, healthcare, as well as consumer goods.” In job descriptions, specify: "worked in the business unit of consumer goods."

Not highlighted

Set accents. Structure information in a meaningful and visual way. Do not write solid text: leave spaces between paragraphs, present information in lists.

Good. Provide information on all places of work in a single style.

03.2011 - 07.2016 Company "X", Moscow
(production of building materials)

Sales Manager.

Search for distributors in the Central Federal District;
Maintaining a customer base (wholesalers, local area networks);
Work with accounts receivable.

Overfulfilled the annual sales plan by 15%;
Best sales employee in 2014.
Each resume item should demonstrate to the recruiter that based on previous experience and results achieved, you will cope with the tasks at your new job and will benefit the business.